Our First Travel Award: Shelly Reflects on Her Trip

As promised, we’re sharing some of Shelly’s thoughts – great insight into the life and mind of a young cancer widow.  It’s poignant and inspiring. We arrived back in Atlanta Saturday [March 28] evening, still amazed at the incredible experience we had just had and still in disbelief that we were so fortunate to be gifted this trip of a lifetime by Fresh New Start.   I came back into […]

Shelly’s Travel Diary: Florence

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Shelly’s final travel post.  We’ll be sharing her reflections on the trip very soon.  Thank you again for your support of Fresh New Start and thereby your support of Shelly. The first two days in Florence were spent exploring the city, shopping, and dining! We walked around the city and looked at all of the amazing stores as it is definitely a fashion capital and the […]

Shelly’s Travel Diary: Venice

Here is installment #2 from Shelly’s Trip: Sunday morning we woke up at 11:30 am…. Something I had not done in years! The main reason we slept so late was that the hotel had rolled down the blackout shades on our windows, so we kept waking up and thinking it was the middle of the night. Either way, it was fine with me! Between caring for [my husband] Hayden and […]

Shelly’s Travel Diary: Rome

Dear Supporters: We were excited to hear from Shelly, and thought you would enjoy the update as well. After a long flight on Friday night/Saturday we finally arrived in Rome, Italy!!! After grabbing our luggage and a taxi, we arrived at Hotel Eden on the north side of Rome, which is the most beautiful hotel we have all ever stayed in!   Our amazing travel agent, Ansley Thomas, even got […]

Our First Travel Award: Meet Shelly Blanchard

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to do something amazing for a young cancer widow and we’re ecstatic! Eighteen months ago when Francis passed away, LeAnne began telling close family and friends about her dream to start a nonprofit organization to benefit young cancer widows. For lack of a better way to describe it, she explained that she wanted it to be like Make-a-Wish® for widows.  It’s an oversimplification, but […]

Are You Ready to Party?

Click to View Larger It's gonna be big! Boot stompin,' book buyin,' bon voyagin,' once-in-a-lifetime event at a Far[m] Outside the Ordinary. On Sunday, November 16, mosey on out to The Space at Feather Oaks at 5:00 p.m. for an event you don't want to miss. Farewell Angelina will have your feet dancing. Miccosukee Root Cellar will have your tastebuds raving. Author of the widely-acclaimed memoir Far Outside the Ordinary, [...]

The Mask I Wear

Halloween is here.  If you have small children who freak out at the sight of costumed individuals like I do, you are well aware of this fact. Couper was terrified of any costumed figured for a long time, and still is depending on his own arbitrary scale of scariness that I have yet to figure out. Thankfully, he’s not scared of the mask I wear every day – a mask [...]

The Gridiron Marriage: Bigger than Xs and Os

We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season. Sound familiar to any ladies reading this? This very well could have been my fate. Thankfully I learned the rules of football when I was in college, and chose to share college football season with my husband. Sidebar: Knowing the rules of football is a valuable skill for women to have even if you don’t choose to fully immerse yourself during [...]

The Word Widow Won’t Define Me

Widow. Widow? Widow!! What do you think of when you see the word widow? I'm guessing I don't fit your image. I know I once pictured an elderly woman, married to her husband for more years than she was unmarried. She, too, was approaching the end of her long and full life. Now I am aware of a different reality. My reality is unique to me, but sadly the way [...]

Great Things Are Growing at Fresh New Start

Fresh New Start is excited to partner with author Prissy Elrod for a joint launch event on April 16, 2014. Prissy Elrod will be celebrating the release of her new book, Far Outside the Ordinary.  Fresh New Start is honored that in her book, Elrod will be highlighting the mission and raising awareness about Fresh New Start. At the same event, LeAnne Gibbs, Founder of Fresh New Start, and the Board […]