Our Purpose

The Gibbs Family

What Drives Us?

Fresh New Start strives to refresh and renew the young woman who has lost her husband to cancer and to offer encouragement and support as she both starts and endures her journey through widowhood.

Our primary purpose is to support and advocate for young widows who lost their spouses to cancer by offering opportunities for refreshment and renewal.

Due to our founder’s experience as a young cancer widow and the wish her spouse had for her before his death, we seek first to offer first-year young cancer widows an all-expenses-paid retreat with a small group of friends.

In addition to this first-year refreshment opportunity, we seek to provide connections and foster relationships between cancer widows, and between those widows and various experts who can provide information on a wide array of matters (including grief management, finances, single parenting, and relationships, among other things) that affect young cancer widows.

We hope to accomplish these connections by posting resources on our website, by hosting informational webinars and teleconferences, and by planning periodic weekend retreats for young cancer widows.

Our organization will advocate on behalf of young cancer widows before governmental and research institutions, and will educate the public regarding issues and policies related to young widowhood, cancer caregiving, and other issues that affect the lives of young cancer widows.

Finally, Fresh New Start ultimately endeavors to redeem the cancer experience and death of the young widow’s spouse by supporting and encouraging her on her widowhood journey because no young cancer widow should ever feel alone.